Launching “Foxscriptions”

— Most excellent readers and distinguished guests…

…well yes, stop looking over your shoulder, I’m talking to you!   I just wished to announce that I have launched a subsidiary blog to this one,  tentatively called Foxscriptions.  It’s primarily a creative writing blog with my short fictional stories that prior to this point were scattered in a variety of furry web sites that you had to know where to find and then reference my stuff within before it was buried.  This new blog will bring together some of my better older and newer stories in one location, the better to avoid them altogether.

Now what I write is primarily brief impressionistic flash fiction kinda stuff in mostly the fantasy, sci fi, or horror genres, kind of furry Twilight Zone fare.  It usually involves at least one animal character, usually anthropomorphic, and there tend to be underlying elements of speculative biological science although I also occasionally spin tales with metaphysical or even magical elements.  

A link to Foxscriptions for anyone interested is provided under the Blogroll section in the lower right hand column…now you’ve been warned!

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2 Comments on “Launching “Foxscriptions””

  1. carycomic Says:

    My p.c. doesn’t get “Blogroll.” 😦


  2. vulpesffb Says:

    No problemo!–Go to


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