The Course of Panda Love…

– – Pity the poor lovelorn Scottish pandas, Sunshine (Yang Guang) and Sweetie (Tian Tian)!  Like panda couples of the past, they have failed to mate, and now the panda breeding season for 2012 has come to an end!

The pandas of Edinburgh Zoo on loan from China are normally kept separately, and were introduced to each other on Tuesday.  While things initially looked good for panda love with the male, Sunshine, doing “panda handstands” to display his virility and the female, Sweetie, also seeming interested, a drop in Sweetie’s hormones was noticed late Wednesday, and “limited breeding behavior” was seen in both pandas by Thursday morning…that’s right, things aren’t looking sunny for Sunshine!

…alas, poor pandas!  They are now back in separate displays.  It is felt that lack of mating experience may have hindered the panda pair.- –So much for doing what comes naturally, and there’s always next year! 

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3 Comments on “The Course of Panda Love…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Maybe she might have better luck with that male panda from the Bronx Zoo: Bling-Bling?


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