Die Hard Cat To Live!

 – – While cuddly, felines are also tough and resilient.  I’ve heard it said that a cat will survive if all of its parts are in the same room.  That seems to have been the case with a stray orange tabby in Houston nicknamed Cupid” who survived a piercing shoulder-to-shoulder arrow wound.

The incident was not thought to have been an accident, and somehow the courageous cat survived its wound and still managed to elude neighborhood residents for about three days before being captured by the city animal rescue group and being taken to an animal hospital.  A vet there took x-rays and determined that there was no “paws for concern” before surgically removing the arrow, which had missed all vital organs…

…Cupid is expected to make a full recovery.- -Don’t you love stories that have a happy ending?!


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2 Comments on “Die Hard Cat To Live!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Hopefully, Ranger Cordell Walker will bring that anti-animal archer to justice, right quick!


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