Pliocene Park?

 – – I dunno if it will sound like Ray Romano in Ice Age, but Japanese and Russian scientists are working to bring back woolly mammoths via a cloning process within five years!   ‘Ya see, a mammoth thigh bone was found under permafrost soil in Siberia with its marrow in unusually well preserved condition, and a Russian/Japanese team will seek to recreate the mammoth using DNA taken from the marrow that is then put into the nuclei of eggs cells of common elephants.  Embryos so obtained would then be implanted into elephant wombs to be delivered.  Since the two species are close relatives, scientists are not foreseeing many complications.

Despite the usual cries of science running amok, this is very cool technology and an exciting prospect!

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One Comment on “Pliocene Park?”

  1. carycomic Says:

    There is precedent for attempting that. A calf of the endangered Asian gaur was successfully born to a domestic dairy cow via in vitro fertilization back in the 1980’s.


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