“Deadliest Warrior’s” Zombies vs. Vampires…

 – – We’ve posted here before about the Spike TV Deadliest Warrior series in which combatants are matched from vastly different cultures and time periods who would not and could not have possibly met much less fought in reality; if you sit through about fifty minutes of debate about the weaponry, fighting styles, and characteristics of the warriors and watch ballistics gel torsos get shot and sliced in tests of weaponry and techniques, you are eventually rewarded with brief but realistic combat footage of the two featured warriors engaged in mortal combat.  Sample matches shown in past episodes have included a pirate versus a knight, and a ninja against a Spartan…the winners in those matches were the pirate and the Spartan, respectively. 

It’s kind of a permutation of the fantasy combat match-ups that guys have entertained themselves with and delighted in since the dawn of time, and it’s great guy entertainment!  Well, the Deadliest Warrior guys kicked it up a notch for this year’s series finale, and featured a closing match of vampires versus zombies!   This added a mythical or otherworldly dimension to the usual reality violations routinely accepted on the show, but hey, why not?! Being familiar with the attributes of both groups yet not identifying strongly with either, I was strangely prepared to be relatively objective and impartial, being at core by my very nature a were-animal guy; that’s where my loyalties lie.

Since a vampire is easily the superior of a single zombie (whose strength lies in numbers), they set a ratio of one vampire for every 63 zombies in the match, and even against such odds the vampires were able to prevail although two of the three starting vamps were ultimately swarmed by zombies and overcome, and it was also strongly hinted that the sole survivor was infected.  While outrageous stuff it was great fun as well, and if similar extreme fantasy “warrior” matches are held in the upcoming season, werewolves would certainly like a crack at this season’s winners…

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4 Comments on ““Deadliest Warrior’s” Zombies vs. Vampires…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I boycotted it. Because, next season’s premiere will probably be the series finale. And, it will no doubt be entitled: “Kangaroo or Shark: Who is the Deadliest Jumper?”


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Some of the past match-ups I really couldn’t make myself care about, and the show was probably beginning to run out of ideas for real-life combatants. The extreme fantasy orientation is running the show into a different “vein,” but we could probably sink our teeth into it… 😉


  2. carycomic Says:

    P.S.—I have to wonder, though, if the vampire had the power to transform into a flying fox?


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