Liberating Lobsters…

 – – In Gloucester, Mass. on August 3rd (Wheel Turning Day),  a group of thirty Tibetan Buddhists bought 534 live lobsters from a seafood wholesaler, clipped the bands binding their claws, and then released them back into the Atlantic from a whale-watching vessel, saving them at least temporarily from the boiling pot.   Among those setting the lobsters free was a chef who no longer cooks live shellfish.  The Buddhists typically liberate masses of the expensive seafood a couple of times each year.

While the Buddhists recognize that the lobsters may be re-captured, it is felt that by the action, the lobsters have had a longer life, even if only by an hour.  Lobsters to the Buddhist are viewed equally with other life forms, with their happiness and suffering  just as important to them as it would be to higher life forms. 

And for the fishermen paid for their labors, it’s a win-win proposition…I dunno what the lobsters think about being captured and then released, but they may perceive it as a near-death experience…

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3 Comments on “Liberating Lobsters…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    That’s true. And, fish under 6 inches long must feel like they’ve been abducted by aliens! Imagine the story they tell the bigger fish, later on.

    “It all started when I saw the most delicious-looking worm I’d ever seen! I bit on to it. And, suddenly, there was this tremendous pain in my mouth. Followed by a whooshing of water as I’m pulled up into this bright light!”

    “When I can see again, I found myself being stared at by this huge giant monster. With two eyes IN FRONT of his head! And, when he scowled at me, I thought I was a goner. Only to have him throw me back down to Earth!”

    To which the other fish no doubt reply: “Yeah, right! How much pure oxygen you been sniffing?”


    • vulpesffb Says:

      And the fish would find himself surrounded upon emerging into the bright light by other fish, including friends and family members who had gone before him! Then he would hear that he was too small, it was not yet his time, and be cast back into his familiar watery world!

      May Nemo and Mr. Limpet give us eyes to see and ears to hear these words!


  2. carycomic Says:

    Paul Frees _ruled_ as the voice of “Crusty the Hermit Crab!”


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