“Being Human” Works!

– – Those fortunate enough to catch the Syfy Channel’s premiere of Being Human (“There Goes The Neighborhood,  Part I”) caught an appealing show with a promising furry character that I’ll most certainly follow.- -Hey, any show featuring a werewolf, vampire, and ghost as the central characters already has me captivated from the onset!

Josh the werewolf is certainly my favorite character, being a nervous, nerdy, and conflicted individual who hasn’t had sex in two years and wakes up naked following one transformation next to a partly-consumed deer.  He makes quite an impression in a floral print dress he steals from a clothesline to cover his nakedness following the episode.  Josh’s relationship with the vampiric character Aidan is enjoyable and strangely believable.  Add a novice ghost called Sally who’s still coming to terms with her status and capabilities, and you have roommates far more interesting than the old Three’s Company trio.

With drama, good characterization, and decent writing,  Being Human isn’t just your typical paranormal show…

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6 Comments on ““Being Human” Works!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    “Come and knock on our door.
    Something’s waiting for you.
    Where the towels are ‘His’ and ‘His’
    And, the hearse is probably for you.”


  2. carycomic Says:

    Sorry; I just can’t resist a good pun!



  3. Krissy Otto Says:

    Just wondering, have you checked out the original BBC version?? Willing to bet that George (their version of Josh) would still be your fav. His voice does this cute squeaky thing when he gets agitated 🙂


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Unfortunately I haven’t yet seen the original, but have only heard good things about it! I’m glad that the Americanized re-make wasn’t an embarrassment as such things often are.


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