Cross-Eyed Heidi…

– – Not to be confused with Cross-Eyed Mary,  Heidi is a cross-eyed opossum who lives at the Leipzig Zoo in Germany.  Originally from Denmark, Heidi is both adorable and cross-eyed, a condition which would make her more vulnerable to predators in the wilderness.

Heidi is not in any danger at the zoo, however, and her optical flaw is painless while of unknown origin.  She follows in the legacy of other adored and well-known German animals that have recently included Paul the psychic octopus (RIP) and Knut the polar bear…

…Heidi should not be confused with cats that look like Hitler…


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2 Comments on “Cross-Eyed Heidi…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Or, cross-eyed lions named Clarence.*

    *Anyone out there remember an Ivan Tors production called DAKTARI? 😉


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