The Death of Bozo…

– – The bear, that is, not the clown!  Bozo the black bear had spent more than 15 years receiving treats near the grounds of a Northeastern Pennsylvania mountain resort, and was by all accounts a tame, gentle animal.  Unfortunately these very qualities probably led to his demise at the hands of a crossbow hunter on Nov. 15th, the first day of archery season.

One area resident fed Bozo for 17 years from the time that he was a cub, noting that the gentle giant was especially fond of donuts and anything sweet.  Bozo was considered a “mascot” at an area eatery, accepting ice cream there the night before he was slain.  He would sometimes let people pet him.  Local residents who had come to know and love Bozo are grief-stricken.  “I mean I feel like I lost a friend,” said one.

Ironically the hunter did nothing illegal, whereas those who fed him did. In Pennsylvania it’s illegal to feed some wildlife, including bears.–Why?–When a wild animal looses its fear of humans, it’s vulnerable.  Bears can create a public nuisance if they’re fed by humans, and they’re creatures of habit that can become accustomed to finding food in one area.

The legal slaying of a beloved and tame animal may create, however, a public relations disaster for the practice of hunting, which has already come under fire.  Hunting is further damaged by the attitudes of some of its practitioners.  One hunter said regarding Bozo’s death, “As long as the bear was not on someone’s property, it doesn’t matter if a few people liked it.”

Attitudes of that type and this image say more about hunting than any animal rights activist ever could.- -RIP, Bozo…

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4 Comments on “The Death of Bozo…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I’d like to see him get away with that attitude if he killed someone’s uncollared dog or cat, the same way! 😛


  2. carycomic Says:

    P.S.—the above emoticon is for the jerk you quoted.


  3. carycomic Says:

    GOOD ONE! 😀


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