Animal Memes…

– – A sign that we are slowly but surely taking over the internet is the prevalence of animal memes on line at diverse sites.  Ranging from the silly and simply stupid to the profound or profane, these words of at times questionable wisdom often linked to an animal image frequently with colored focusing elements have created near cult followings, and with good reason…they are cool, and they are us!

Have alpha male stirrings or at least untapped rage within you?- -Listen to Courage Wolf!- –Struggling  with your ‘puter?–Turn to commiserate with Technologically Impaired Penguin. There are many others, or you can make your own…

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2 Comments on “Animal Memes…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    How about learning to do the Charleston with Va-Vo-Dee-Oh Dragon?


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