Animal Halloween Costumes…

– – Yeah, he’s cute…but some dogs might die of embarrassment with the way that their owners dress them up, especially at Halloween.  The question accordingly arises, do dogs feel humiliation?  Experts disagree, but a dog that appears unhappy in clothes probably feels more exposed than embarrassed.

The wild heritage of dogs causes them usually to dislike standing out; wolves that stand out from the pack are more susceptible to attack.  The tightness, weight, or texture of material might also be disliked by a pet.  Dogs additionally have never been taught to associate being dressed up with pleasure.

In all likelihood, unhappily dressed animals are probably reacting to the costumes themselves or to the limited mobility that they have when so attired…foxes, however, have been known to charm their prey, that is, to act crazy so as to lure prey animals closer out of curiosity before pouncing!

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2 Comments on “Animal Halloween Costumes…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    A lot of my neighbors walked their dogs while escorting their kids from house to house. So, one could say that they killed two Halloween night-birds with one stone!


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