Scary Wabbits?

– – Rabbits generally aren’t perceived as scary, with the possible exception of the wonderful specimen shown here from the movie, Donnie Darko.   Now granted that my killer dust bunnies are at least annoying and Bugs Bunny is a master of psychological warfare, but usually most people don’t find rabbits fear-arousing…

Now every rule has its exceptions (including this one), and a 60-year-old geography teacher in Germany had a paralyzing fear of rabbits! It then became possible for a 16-year-old student to get her teacher’s goat (so to speak) by drawing pictures of rabbits on the blackboard and spreading stories about her teacher’s rabbit phobia; kids are remarkably resourceful for seeking out and detecting such Achilles heels!   In 2008 the teacher took a different student to court and reached a settlement that prevented the student from ever speaking about the teacher’s fear of rabbits to anyone else.

This time, however, the presiding judge dismissed the case without explaining the verdict.  The lagomorph loather has a month to appeal the decision…

…and maybe Elmer Fudd had some kind of fear and loathing thing going on with Bugs…and wouldn’t Rabbits of Doom be great antiheroes?!

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2 Comments on “Scary Wabbits?”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I don’t think it’s ROD’s that a gentleman known only as “Jose” videorecorded, in Fresno, California, one night. Those TST’s (Tall Skinny Things) had no visible arms. Plus, they looked to have bulbous heads–similar to the now-stereotypical image of an alien Gray–and batwing-shaped legs!

    Jael and two others from “Fact Or Faked” tried three different experiments in an attempt to duplicate-and-debunk what Jose caught on DVD. But, they couldn’t. However, there was one other possibility they could have explored, if they had thought of it. Costumed stilt-dancers!

    Every Travel Channel documentary I’ve ever seen, about Brazilian Carneval, has shown clips of such guys. And, they are phenomenal! I’m talking professional, circus-level acrobatics, here.

    So, if Jose was on the receiving end of a cruel hoax (as I’m pretty sure he was), then costumed stilt-dancers are the ones most likely responsible.


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