Animal Aphrodisiacs

– – Believe it or not, rhino horns sell for big bucks on the black market as an aphrodisiac, with a single horn selling for as much as $40,000!  Why, you might then ask, does the rhino enjoy such a great sexual reputation?–Well, the rhino’s mating time is not less than 45 minutes, quite higher than that of any other other animal (although foxes are no slackers in that department, ahem)! Rhino horns are then considered a kind of natural Viagra, and foolish humans believe that they can achieve the same kind of sexual power with the help of rhino horns.

Traditional Chinese medicine also uses rhino horns as a cure for fever and stomach ailments.  This is all in spite of the fact that the horns are simply compacted masses of agglutinated hair that rhinos use as defense against other animals…

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4 Comments on “Animal Aphrodisiacs”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I think even Sigmund Freud woud agree: sometimes, a facial protrusion is just a facial protusion.


  2. carycomic Says:

    Not in Bill Clinton’s hands. 😉


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