Basil Brush, Superstar!

– – Kids these days would probably roll their eyes at the notion of being entertained by a hand puppet, but in the days of yore young ‘uns were entertained by such as this and worse…

Combine a star who’s a hand puppet with British television and humor and you have Basil Brush, a fictional fox character who may be a glove puppet yet grows on you (like a glove), and can be hilariously entertaining. Created in 1963 as a children’s show character, Basil has evolved but always been portrayed as a well-spoken fox who can be appreciated on a variety of levels. A puppet who claims to dislike puppets, Basil’s most prized possession is his “brush,” the traditional name for a fox’s tail (for which we are rightfully known).

In more current incarnations, Basil has been depicted as having a family that is every bit as dysfunctional as many of our own. With his “Boom!-Boom!” catchphrase, I ‘d be proud to call Basil my foxy friend…

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One Comment on “Basil Brush, Superstar!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    “Boom?” Sounds like he’s plagiarizing Carmine Giovanazzo’s character on CSI: NY. 😉


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