Stand By Your Whale…

– – SeaWorld has announced its intention of keeping the killer whale Tilikum, who dispatched veteran trainer Dawn Brancheau earlier this week in front of a horrified audience.  Some have argued that the whale in question should be set free or put to death like a dangerous dog.  Tilikum would not be likely to survive in the wild , however, as he has been captive for so long, and destruction of the animal is not an option either as he’s an important part of the breeding program and a companion to the other whales there.  Brancheau’s sister has commented that the trainer would not have wanted anything done to the whale.

SeaWorld now faces the rather daunting task of reassuring the general public that the parks are safe.  Ordinarily, however, there is virtually no contact between visitors and the orcas at SeaWorld shows, although in the past VIP visitors have occasionally been allowed to come down to the edge of the pools and pet the whales, a  practice which will no longer be allowed.

The attack could actually drive up attendance of teens and young adults at the parks, groups that get excited about risks and the potential for drama…and wouldn’t Stand By Your Whale have been a great Tammy Wynette song?

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3 Comments on “Stand By Your Whale…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    “Don’t Rock The Boat,” by Hughes Corporation, might be more appropriate.


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