Monster Sharks on MonsterQuest

– – I, for one, was rather disappointed when MonsterQuest chose to kick off their new season with an episode on great white sharks, hoping instead for a thought-provoker on some cryptid, even if they had to re-visit one covered previously.   Now I know that great whites are awesome predators, but they’re not quite in the same category for me as say, Bigfoot or the Jersey Devil.  I don’t want MonsterQuest to become Wild Kingdom.

The points were well-taken, however, that sharks are not just mindless eating machines, but rather show evidence of premeditated attacks which they can adapt to circumstances.  Additionally, sharks have been known to engage in practice attacks in which they kill but don’t eat their prey.  Sharks are, in short, more sophisticated beasties than we give them credit for being, and there’s much about them that we don’t yet know.

The “shark cam” was successfully attached and interesting, although the device was overbuilt and didn’t remain on for as long as hoped due to the drag factor.  The device shows much promise with a re-design and a smaller housing.

As a horrifying sidebar, a Zimbabwean tourist was recently killed off a Cape Town South African Beach by a great white shark described as being “longer than a mini-bus.”   The shark attacked the victim three times, with others bathers only about 15 meters away.  Remains are not expected to be found.   A raised black flag (pictured) reminds bathers that beaches around Cape Town remain on full alert following the attack…

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3 Comments on “Monster Sharks on MonsterQuest”

  1. carycomic Says:

    It might not have been researching evidence of a living megalodon. But, I still found it pretty interesting. And, for the very reasons stated above!

    Public information on shark habits has certainly increased a lot, in the thirty-five years since Richard Dreyfuss first told Murray Hamilton:

    “All we know about them is that they swim…and eat…and make _little_ sharks.”


    • vulpesffb Says:

      –Hooray for Roy Scheider and Richard Dreyfuss! I sat through the original “Jaws” twice! The later sequels best, forgettable!


  2. carycomic Says:

    Well, Jaws 3(D) was certainly better than JAWS 4.


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