Chimp Attack Victim Unveils Face…

abc_Charla_Nash3_091111_mn– – The images of Charla Nash from Oprah are extremely graphic and very disturbing, so much so that only the before and the veiled after-version are shown here; we do have standards here on Foxsylvania (although Lord knows not many)!   Last February the 56-year-old woman was savagely attacked and ravaged by her friend’s chimpanzee named Travis, a vicious attack which left the Connecticut woman without her eyes, nose, lips, and  hands.

In spite of her devastating injuries, the courageous woman remains remarkably positive and upbeat, is not angry, and seeks to move on with her life rather than dwell on the events of that horrific day.  Hopes are for Charla to get a face transplant and eventually a hand transplant as well. A $50 million lawsuit is in motion against the chimp’s owner for pain and suffering.

Charla Nash herself says that she wants to warn people about potential dangers posed by exotic animals.  “I’d like to put across to people’s minds that these  exotic animals are very dangerous and they shouldn’t be around,” Nash said on Winfrey’s show.  “There’s a place for them that is not in residential areas.”

The evidence could not possibly be any clearer…

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2 Comments on “Chimp Attack Victim Unveils Face…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Truly a courageous woman. Or, at least, more courageous than me! I could not bring myself to watch the interview, personally. My folks watched it, though, and told me about it, afterward.


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