Furry Court Case!

bullfighting– – Warning:  Some Adult Topic Matter. The Supreme Court has been asked to rule on a law with furry implications which involves video depictions of animal cruelty. The disputed statute was used to prosecute a Virginia man who sold videos of pit bull fights.

The law originally was created in 1999 due to rightful congressional worries over “crush” videos, which, I’m horrified to say, depict women pounding high heels into small animals to appeal to an extremely sick and sadistic sexual kink.  Civil liberty groups say that the statute is overly broad and could leave to prosecutors’ discretion whether to go after films that show hunting and bullfighting; I’ve found such videos objectionable as well, but it boils down to what is considered animal cruelty, and how broadly one defines it.

The justices have indicated that Congress went too far in its attempt to protect animals from abuse…note that Justice Scalia is an avid hunter.  I regret that civil liberties and animal rights groups have found themselves at odds over this one, a case which may have unfortunate and far-reaching implications, and may be construed as a step backwards…

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One Comment on “Furry Court Case!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    You’re right. This is definitely one of those morally gray areas. For example; a lot of animal rights activists are trying to get circuses to ban the use of ankuses (short wooden staves with hooked tips), as they consider them cruel to the elephants. But, the mahouts of India still use them to this day. Especially, when using the elephants as draft animals in back-country construction projects.

    Why don’t these same activists try to abolish the use of ankuses in India? Simple: that means the construction projects would have to resort to those big, noisy machines that belch a lot of potentially toxic diesel smoke!

    At least, through the use of elephants, these mahouts can supply local farmers with ready-mad organic fertilizer.


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