I Was A Second Grade Chicken!

chicken— It’s a little-known secret that I played a chicken (specifically, a rooster) in my second grade class play!

My elementary school had a tradition that once a year, each class would have to present a play to the rest of the school.  During my second grade year, my class presented some kind of cutesy barnyard drama in which most of us played animals; this left me…strangely excited, possibly the earliest stirrings of the furry that I would someday become!  Now I didn’t really want to play a chicken, and would have much preferred to play a horse or one of the cooler animals.   This wasn’t even a mutant chicken or a Big Buckin’ Chicken like in the Burger King commercials a while back.  I didn’t even  get to wear a fursuit; the costume was largely comprised of a woman’s nylon over my head to which were attached construction paper eyes, a beak, and a chicken’s comb.  Then as now elementary schools didn’t have big budgets…but hey, it was a gig, right?

…of course, years of therapy were required to deal with the issues raised by the nylon over my head, but at least I didn’t grow up to be a bank robber!  And in sixth grade, I got to play a ghost, a role indicated by chains I had to wear around my neck that trailed down each shoulder, a la Jacob Marley in A Christmas Carol.   This may have led to my long-time interest in the paranormal.

Today, of course, school plays don’t dare include ghostly characters as some in the community would interpret that as promoting occultism or who knows what else…but what did we know back then?  <sighs>

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3 Comments on “I Was A Second Grade Chicken!”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    I never had to do a school play. My elementary school didn’t have an auditorium (Thank God)!


  2. Carycomic Says:

    |-D |-D |-D


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