“Critical Evidence”

Patterson–More convincing than other installments, the latest episode of MonsterQuest re-examined the classic Patterson film footage (vintage 1967) of a supposed Bigfoot as well as looked to the “Cripplefoot tracks” of an injured Bigfoot from Washington state in 1969.  Lastly, the mid-tarsal break evidenced in Bigfoot tracks was examined.

Bends to the mid-foot represented in alledged Bigfoot prints show a skeletal structure more similar to primates than humans.  The Cripplefoot tracks show a low probability of being a hoax due to the accurate representation of the deformity, and are judged to be not human in nature.  Lastly, the Patterson film footage in simulations was judged in the MonsterQuest episode not to be a human in a suit, and to represent a figure of a size larger than human.  The movement of fur and underlying tissue reflected in the film would also appear to present a level of realism and technology that was not available using 1967 materials and methodology.

The Patterson film (aka, the Patterson-Gimlin film) has been subjected to many attempts over the years both to debunk and authenticate it; scientists remain divided on the authenticity of the sighting.  We won’t go into the Patterson film in detail here as books can and have been written about it, one by Greg Long.  Some maintain that the film is a well-executed hoax, with Planet of the Apes special effects pioneer John Chambers being judged capable of having made the Patterson film suit.  At least one person claims to have been the person inside the suit.

Understandably, the MonsterQuest presentation was sympathetic to the viewpoint of the Patterson film being the real deal.  Whether you believe in the authenticity of the film or not, it is among the most renowned artifacts in the field of paranormal study.  Many, like anthropologist Grover Krantz, have concluded that the film depicts a genuine unknown creature…

…we can only keep hoping for additional verifiable confirmations.

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2 Comments on ““Critical Evidence””

  1. Carycomic Says:

    Personally, I’ve alway felt it was genuine by the way this particular Bigfoot FAST-WALKED back into the woods! As in; it didn’t run. But, it wasn’t strolling calmly and fearlessly, either.

    It’s the more hi-tech videorecordings, where the alleged Bigfoot is reacting TOO calmly to the presence of the videographers, that makes me suspicious of them.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Fast-walking!–That’s the way I go through bad neighborhoods! Don’t run, or you trigger the predator pursuit instinct…don’t walk slowly, or you’re an easy mark.–Timing is everything in life!


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