“Warehouse 13” Works!

Warehouse— If you haven’t heard, the Sci Fi channel has been re-branded Syfy; the old name was felt to be too limiting and geeky, conjuring up images of aliens, space ships, and ray guns.–Well, what’s wrong with them?!–Add mummies, the living dead,  mysterious ancient civilizations, cryptids, and I’d never tune anywhere else!

Anyways, Warehouse 13, kind of a hybrid of X-Files and Raiders of the Lost Ark, debuted on Syfy, and just might work with Saul Rubinek supervising a top-secret government storage facility in South Dakota that looks remarkably like the one glimpsed by Indy at the end of Raiders; fantastic and supernatural objects abound here, with Pandora’s box several rows over.   The gadgets alone have been described at “catnip for nerds;”  for example, there’s a wonderful ray gun designed by none less than Nikola Tesla.  Throw in Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly as stereotypically mismatched Secret Service agents in the Mulder/Scully tradition, and this fox might bat the catnip around a bit even if it seems familiar…

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2 Comments on ““Warehouse 13” Works!”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    I thought the warehorse was more like THE LIBRARIAN’s library, with crates.*

    *And, btw, I thought Noah Wylie was great in that trilogy of made-for-TNT movies. Even his previous character on ER had a name with legendary s.f connotations: John Carter!


  2. Carycomic Says:

    My bad: that first line should read “…wareHOUSE.”


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