“Bubbles” Lives!

Bubbles-Michael Jackson is survived by a furry friend as well as his three children. Bubbles the chimp was part of Michael Jackson’s entourage in the 1980’s, and he and Michael often wore matching outfits (–does this surprise you?).  Jackson adopted Bubbles at age 3 from a cancer research clinic in Texas. — Well, when Bubbles got too big and too hard to control (anger issues), he was kept by an animal trainer until 2005, at which time he was sent to an animal sanctuary, the Centre for Great Apes, in Florida.  Bubbles currently resides there with 41 other chimpanzees and orangutans.

Shown in the picture during better times in 1987, Bubbles is now described as “huge and ugly,” but hey, who looks like they did 22 years ago?    He likes painting and listening to flute and guitar music, and also spends much time sitting quietly in trees with his best friend Sam, a 40-year-old chimp.  Bubbles will not be attending Jackson’s funeral, and could live to be 60 years of age.  It is not known whether Jackson provided for Bubbles in his will…

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4 Comments on ““Bubbles” Lives!”

  1. macromedia Says:

    Hmm. Is it true? 🙂


  2. Carycomic Says:

    Maybe he can swap stories with Cheetah.


  3. Carycomic Says:

    Speaking of primates, though: tonight, on MONSTERQUEST, the Patterson Bigfoot film was subjected to hi-tech scrutiny by a veteran special effects expert; a forensic photo-image analyst; and a skeptical paleoanthropologist. The latter said the creature in the film moved more like a human than ape. Ergo, he thought it was a person in a costume.

    The special effects veteran used the same materials that would have been available back in 1967 to make several facial and upper torso mock-ups, and filmed them with the exact same kind of movie camera used by Patterson. Albeit, with a 15mm lens rather than 25mm. As geometric calculation now shows Patterson must have been mistaken about what lens-type he used in all his excitement, at the time.

    Digital video enhancement proved, to him, that it was cranially impossible for the creature’s head to have been a human hoaxster wearing a mask.

    The forensic image analyst said the Patterson film images–transferred to DVD copy he was given with–had not been tampered with. Ergo, they had come from the original film, itself.

    Then, there’s the medical opinion of an orthopedic podiatrist who examined some plaster casts referred to as “Cripplefoot” tracks (because one set of them looked so deformed); and, his subsequent discovery of something called a meta-tarsal break. Something found in apes proper, but _not_ humans!

    Add them all up? And, you get the strongest indications, yet, that what was filmed by Roger Patterson more than forty years ago, in the Bluff Creek area of northern California, is…

    …a creature with human-like stature and ape-like feet.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      I saw that show, too, and found it intriguing! Gotta get me one of those carts with the upper torso Bigfoot mock-ups so I can go door-to-door with it!


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