Life After People…

Life After People–The human race needs an attitude adjustment, and Life After People should help provide a badly-needed dose of humility…

…mankind tends to think and behave as if it always has and always will be here, whereas in reality, it ain’t necessarily so. In effect, the human race is the new kid on the block, with a track record that can’t hold a candle to the dinosaurs, which we presume to call clumsy and stupid now that they’re safely dead.

Enter Life After People on the History Channel, initially a special but now a series.  The show considers the durability of human engineering and creations given the impact of natural forces assuming that ole Homo sapiens is eradicated from the planet, and it ain’t a pretty picture.  In a few hundred years, most of the cities are in ruins, and we see this spectacle through extremely realistic computer simulations.  It’s sobering and humbling, as well as awesome to watch structures like the Empire State Building crumble and fall right before your eyes; there goes the Statue of Liberty again, after the decapitation it endured in Cloverfield! We also get to watch also the resurgence of animal species (hog futures are up), and the natural environment itself gradually swallows up the last traces of human existence.- -The furry shall inherit the earth!

I wouldn’t call the show depressing, but it is sobering and allows human arrogance to re-consider its own impermanence against a big time perspective…as the show poses the analogy, were time compressed into a 24-hour period, man’s reign to date occupies thirty seconds. – -Two paws up for Life After People!

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2 Comments on “Life After People…”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    Ohhhhhh! I thought it was about what happened to the former members of “Up With People,” after the 1970’s.

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