Feeling Bully In An Irish Grocery Store!

bull–In a role reversal, the product went shopping when a bull escaped from a pen in a livestock market and ran through a grocery store in Ireland, shocking customers. The farmer who owned the bull followed him into the store, and in a moment of poetic justice was briefly chased by the bull!

The bull made his way through the store before turning around and leaving from the front exit.  Fortunately, no customer came into the bull’s path or store shoppers could have been the ones turned into hamburger.  –Let it be a lesson to sapiens pathetica!

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4 Comments on “Feeling Bully In An Irish Grocery Store!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    And, that lesson is: always keep a china shop between your supermarket and a run-away bull. That way, by the time he gets through smashing all the dishes, he’ll be…”bone” tired.



    • firefox b Says:

      I love the old Gary Larson “Far Side” cartoon where someone (a bovine, perhaps) asks the butcher how much his co-worker sold for per pound…


  2. carycomic Says:

    I like the one where the cows are standing around bipedally, talking like guys in a bar at Happy Hour, until one of them yells “CAR!”

    A family drives by, looking at a normal herd of cud-chwers on all fours. But, once they’re out of eye-and-earshot, the cows resume talking like they did in the first panel!


    • firefox b Says:

      How about the one where a car full of cows drives past a field of humans, and a cow shouts out the window, “Yackety, yackety, yak!”


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