The “Deadliest Warrior” Show On Spike TV!

samurai–If you’re like me, there are some things on TV you watch even if you’re not proud of the fact.  Spike TV’s Deadliest Warrior series is such wonderful nonsense, great guy stuff!  Remember the old pointless arguments about the victor in a fight between a ninja and a pirate?–Well, now they’ve built a show around this kinda premise!–Is this a great country, or what?!

Forget the fact that the combatants were products of different times and different places, and would never meet in real life…forget the fact that you can’t compare apples and oranges…just shut up, sit back, and watch the most unlikely of death matches between a Roman gladiator and an Apache, or between a Viking and a samurai!

Leading up to the main event are analysis of the weaponry and fighting styles of the two opponents pitted against one another, with consideration given to such things as who possessed the weapons most effective at long, medium, and close range.  The information is then factored into a computer simulation program which predicts the likely victor in many of such clashes.  For your viewing pleasure, a computer-generated death match is then presented at the end of the show.  The series is similar to Jurassic Fight Club, but with human combatants.

I was kinda surprised that the Apache was predicted to be victorious in the majority of match-ups against Roman gladiators, but the gladiators seem to have been portrayed as plodding  juggernauts vulnerable to the attack and retreat tactics of the more nimble Apache.  I was unsurprised by the victory of the samurai warrior over the Viking, although I do have as a furry great respect for the Vikings, the berserker version of which howled, wore bear or wolf skins, bit their shields, and in general worked themselves into a rage intended to frighten their enemies.

No, we’re not apparently gonna see Ninjas vs. Pirates on future versions of this show, but we are going to be treated to Pirate vs. Knight and Ninja vs. Spartan. By the way, in a Ninja vs. Pirate match, my money would be on the ninja.  Personally, though, I’d prefer to be a pirate, as I think they had more fun.  Ninjas were more into discipline, and pirates more into wenching, drinking, and pillaging. –When’s the last time you went to a good pillaging?–It’s a lost art, really…

Sure, it ain’t Shakespeare…but it  is great guy entertainment! —Woo-hoo!!!   😉

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One Comment on “The “Deadliest Warrior” Show On Spike TV!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I think the results (like those on its “Animal Planet” predecessor) are based on hundreds of computer simulations. In this case, though, the simulations were based on videorecordings of the live-action battle sim!*

    *As opposed to zoological research, and simulations done with hydraulic-powered robot replicas, per that previous show.


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