Bobcat Blitz!

bar-cat–A bobcat walked into a bar…

It sounds like the setup line for a joke, but it was no joke for the patrons of the Chaparral Bar in Cottonwood, Arizona when a real bobcat entered, and injured three people!

It was a barroom blitz as patrons climbed on top of bar stools  and tables as the bobcat made his entrance.  Cell phone cameras recorded the encounter.  The bobcat chased two people around a pool table, and at one point,  began climbing up a guy’s leg, who, growing concerned, punched the bobcat in the face!   The feline exited, and (unhappy ending) was shot dead by police in the bar’s parking lot when he advanced on one of the officers (“I’ll take you all on!–I’ll take you on with one paw tied behind my back!”).

Guess they didn’t serve cats there…tests will be performed to see if the bobcat was rabid.  An Arizona Fish and Game representative likened a rabid bobcat to the cartoon Tasmanian devil…

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3 Comments on “Bobcat Blitz!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    It is regretable that the bobcat had to be shot. But, unnatural fearlessness and unprovoked aggression like that usually _is_ the result of rabies.


    • firefox b Says:

      Ready to take on several cops at the end, the cat died a warrior’s death. As the Klingons would say, defeat at the hands of a superior force is no disgrace!


  2. carycomic Says:


    *That, and “pla’tak” are the only two Klingon words I know with any confidence of not being mis-spelled.


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