The Swamp Stalker of Boggy Creek…

boggy-creek-monster–Known as The Swamp Stalker of Boggy Creek or The Boggy Creek Monster, this cryptid is reportedly a large, black-haired, barrel-chested creature who walks upright and stands about 7′ high.  He was the subject of a 1972 movie titled, The Legend of Boggy Creek.

Recently profiled on MonsterQuest, sightings of The Swamp Stalker have come from Texas, Louisiana, and Arkansas, especially the town of Fouke in Arkansas.  Sightings intensified in the late 20th century.  A theory is that The Stalker may simply be a misidentified black bear, although some of the sightings have come from areas not indigenous to black bears.

MonsterQuest set camera traps with 360 degree lenses which yielded only images of known animal species and a few human hunters.  A large old scat sample (feces) turned out upon analysis to be from a wild boar.

And so as with many similar cryptid creatures, the existence of The Swamp Stalker of Boggy Creek “remains undocumented…”

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5 Comments on “The Swamp Stalker of Boggy Creek…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I saw the 1972 documentary at the now-defunct Skyvue Drive-in, in Torrington, Connecticut. And, I still wish MOTHMAN PROPHECIES had been done in the same legitimately documentary fashion.


  2. carycomic Says:

    P.S.—tonight’s episode of MONSTERQUEST dealt with the “Colorado Snowbeast.” A Bigfoot-like creature that supposedly follows, and preys upon, migrating herds of Rocky Mountain elk.

    Now, this is the first I’ve heard of there actually being such a creature. In fact, the last time I heard the phrase “Snowbeast” was in a thirtieth anniversary re-run of a TV-movie by that name!*

    But, I have heard–with increasing frequency–of Momo, the Honey Island Swamp Monster, the Fouke Monster (a.k.a. “Beast of Boggy Creek”), and the Ohio Grassman.

    Now, is it just me? Or, has anyone else noticed how all these Sasquatch-like sightings, over the last four decades, have all occurred in states with major rivers flowing through them?

    In the Pacific Northwest, stomping grounds of the prototypical Bigfoot, you have the Columbia River. The main tributary of which is the Snake River, flowing westward out of Idaho. Southeast of Idaho, in centra/eastern Colorado, you have the headwaters of the Arkansas River, which flows all the way to the mighty Mississippi.

    Now, in the Terarkana region, you have the Boggy Creek sightings. Way, way south of Shreveport, Louisiana, you have the Honey Island Swamp sightings. North of Arkansas, itself, you have the Missouri Monster sightings. And, way up the Ohio River, in the eponymous Buckeye State, you have those weird grassy mounds “allegedly” reminiscent of African gorilla nests.

    To put it over-simply: it looks like Bigfoot’s ancestors pulled a reverse Lewis and Clark!

    * Think JAWS starring Bigfoot, instead of a shark.


    • firefox b Says:

      Your intelligent, insightful, and frequently humorous comments are always appreciated here at Foxysylvania, carycomic. Hope this doesn’t embarrass you, but furry types like me are known to give out occasional hugs. I will, of course, deny that this ever happened… 😉


  3. vulpesffb Says:

    –Hehe!–I can always tell when ‘MonsterQuest’ has re-run a previously-aired episode! I get a surge in the number of hits on an older posting, such as this one!

    That’s fine!–‘Tis better to have viewed ‘MonsterQuest’ later than never at all!–Didn’t Shakespeare say that? 😉


  4. Back in 1994, my ex husband and I lived on N. Marshall Rd. in a four apartment unit that is across the street from what is now a new housing development, but at the time was Rose E. Miller School. One night we were out in the back parking lot late, it was after midnight. We weren’t paying too much attn at first, but the noises of branches breaking in a tree that was aside the creek that runs beneath Devon Drive got louder and louder to where we were paying attention. We walked up just a few feet away and saw the enormous image of massive legs, and whatever it was ‘was’ dark. The legs were coming down the tree. When I say huge, I mean it couldn’t have been human. We took off running back into our apartment. We were so startled by what we had seen that we had to tell each other the next day it really happened.

    A few years later, after we had moved, me and the neighbor guy were talking about weird, scary stories. He began telling me how he lived on North Marshall Rd., and I cut him off…and said, “Oh my god! Did you see a big foot, or a monster?” He was shocked that I knew what he was talking about. He said, “Yes, I lived on North Marshall Rd.and we saw it near the creek!” We were both literally freaked out. We’d both seen the same thing, in the same exact area!

    I never believed in big foot before, but after that experience, I do now! Furthermore, the next morning after this happened, there were enormous branches lying all around the tree in which we saw the giant legs descending..too big for any human to have broken. There was also a couple of dead ducks laying beside the creek covered in blood. Is there anyone else out there who has seen something like this in that area? This area I’m referring to may very well be the same creek, or another part of it, in which the story about the boggy creek monster in Kettering was told. That area, many years ago, used to be nothing but a field and hills before Heartland of Kettering, OOH and a chiropractors office, etc was built there. It is near Ackerman, not far from Stroop, or Far Hills, and is in the 45429 zip code.


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