The Bunny Man!

the-bunny-man1–After the Civil War,  Fairfax County, Virginia became more populated, and eventually an insane asylum was built there.  This tends to lower property values, and eventually due to public outrage the asylum was shut down. — Well, during the transfer of patients circa 1904 via bus, some of the patients escaped and hid in the surrounding woods and forest.   Most of the wandering psychos were found, except for two who remained itinerant.  Local authorities found a trail littered with…this is not for the squeamish…half eaten mutilated bunnies! Hence, an urban legend was born.

The trail led deep into the woods to a tunnel bridge crossing a wide creek where one of the asylum inmates was found hanging from the tunnel entrance.  A note was reportedly attached to his foot saying, “You’ll never find me no matter how hard you try!” The note was signed The Bunny Man, and the bridge has been called Bunny Man Bridge ever since.

The legend maintains that if you walk all the way down the tunnel at around midnight, the Bunny Man will grab you and hang you from the entrance of the bridge.  This is usually not to be desired even by thrill-seekers.  Strange deaths and phenomena have been connected with the Bunny Man Bridge since, with a 2001 investigation by six local youths and a guide finding mutilated bunny parts during their search…

It should be noted that most bunnies are more sinned against than sinning, and that if you see an enormous rabbit, it’s probably someone into fursuiting…

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2 Comments on “The Bunny Man!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Was his real name “Harvey,” by any chance?


  2. firefox b Says:

    I live in fear of “The Bunny Man,” and Easter is coming!


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