The Monster of Whitehall

sasquatch–Whitehall, New York has a history of sightings of Bigfoot-like creatures extending from Indian lore to as recently as 2006. This small town on the eastern edge of New York’s Adirondack Mountain Preserve has long been consider a “hotbed” of  Eastern North American Bigfoot activity.  As described by MonsterQuest, the Monster of Whitehall is a sasquatch-like creature that stands up to eight feet tall, and makes a sound like a  woman screaming.  Several police officers reported a Bigfoot sighting in 1976, and the original officers have recently passed polygraph tests.

Sasquatch field researchers tend to be a motley collection of paranormal buffs, mystery chasers, do-it-yourself  data collectors, and the occasional hard scientist.  But if you’re planning a Bigfoot hunting expedition in Whitehall,  you’re out of luck as the village board has approved a resolution that makes it illegal to hunt the elusive creature…

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4 Comments on “The Monster of Whitehall”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Monster of Whitehall? Isn’t that what they used to call British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher?

  2. amanda Says:

    well i live not to far from whitehall. Just about 10 mins. I live next to a mountain that is all woods. There is a barn about 100 ft. away from my house in the woods. Where my house is it is kinda swampy too. My family and I heard some loud banging noises coming from it today at about 6:30am. We went to go look and found nothing. But then we heard it again about 10 mins later. We went back and went through the woods beacuse it sounded like someone was running in there. Our cat followed us but then flipped out. Then out of know where. A rock came flying at us. We got creeped out and left. We heard some noises in the woods for a while. We did’nt hear a thud again until 7;05ish pm. My sister and I are going to camp out tonight to investigate somemore and see if we see something or hear the thuding again.

  3. amanda Says:

    So last night my dad came and got me at 10:00pm. He took me outside and told me to listen. We heard a wierd noise coming from across the street. It is kinda hard to explain. But my dad is an outdoorsmen and he said that noise was not coming from an animal. It was a high pitched sound and was kinda like a howl but it wasnt.

  4. andbob Says:

    Yeah and my daughter saw the Toothfairy and I saw Santa Claus and we all know that bird dogs fly.To you liberals Thatcher was known as the Iron Maiden.

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