The Komodo Dragon

komodo-dragon–The Komodo Dragon resides in Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda Islands, as it has for millions of years; amazingly, it was unknown to men until about 100 years ago!  The Komodo dragon can measure 10 feet in length and weigh over 300 pounds; some are reputed to be larger still, but have not been documented.

The dominant predator on the handful of islands that it inhabits, the Komodo dragon will eat almost anything, including carrion, pigs, deer, water buffalo, smaller dragons, and yes, humans! Dragon saliva teems with over 50 strains of bacteria, and prey should it escape from the dragon will usually die of blood poisoning within 24 hours.  Dragons will follow an escapee for miles as the poison takes effect, and can eat 80% of their body weight in a single feeding!

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  1. carycomic Says:

    The first TV-movie, starring Jill Hennessy, was the best.

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