Wrist Fox Tattoo

Wrist_Fox_by_firefox_b–Those who don’t want tattoos in  large, readily visible locations may want to consider “executive tattoos,” namely those not visible under ordinary clothing.  One such location I’ve used is on my wrist on the area normally covered by a watch.  This little fox can be completely covered, he can peep out slightly, or I can remove the watch and have him readily visible!   My stealth fox,  further conveying the abilities of my kind to remain in the background and blend into our environment so as to be nearly invisible!  This tatt is fun, he’s furry, he’s a fox, and is just a little guy measuring less than 2″ wide and less than 3/4″ high at his greatest height–I’m glad I have him!

You probably don’t have as much dark hair as I do on my extremities, but this is characteristic of the red fox and I am a furry, after all, and a male–the skin may be shaved if you wish, but consider the characteristics of your location, and if an absence of hair would be inconsistent with the surrounding area.  Additionally, the skin on the top of your wrist is not overly sensitive, and a tattoo in this location tends not to be as painful to receive…(I speak from personal experience here!)    😉

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