Bigfoot Hoax Aftermath…

–In August you may remember that the world of cryptozoology was briefly in an uproar over a supposed Bigfoot carcass held by two Georgians in a freezer.  The alleged Bigfoot was found to be a rubber suit just as soon as the ice was thawed, although suspicions about the authenticity of the find existed from the beginning.

Remarkable was the fact that one of the two individuals with the “find” was a police officer.  Not surprisingly, that individual has since lost his job since police officers are expected to be, well, truthful. The ex-officer apparently saw his role in the fiasco as that of an entertainer, and he did not regard his misrepresentation seriously as he did not swear to be telling the truth…

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One Comment on “Bigfoot Hoax Aftermath…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Heh! If that unemployed flatfoot wants to entertain people, let him learn to play banjo duets with actor Ronnie Cox.

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