Smaller Fox Tattoo

–Continuing the presentation of my personal collection of fox tattoos, I share with you this little guy on my lower inner arm.  He measures about two inches long and an inch wide.

This tattoo was patterned using “flash” art posted in the studio, meaning that it was a picture pattern that they already had up and available; other people may conceivably have the same tattoo.  Many tattoo artists will, however, work with pictures that you bring in, or will accept commissions to draw up something special just for you.

Tattoos are rather addictive; once you get one, you’ll probably want another.  A common pattern which I followed was to start out small and get larger tattoos thereafter.  My original tattoo was a small black fox silhouette; it was enough to get me hooked.  That original is no longer visible as he was eventually covered by a much larger, later masterpiece on the prime real estate of my arm!  😉

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3 Comments on “Smaller Fox Tattoo”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Personally, I prefer being addicted to Lay’s Potato Chips.

  2. firefox b Says:

    But the tattoos last, and the chips don’t!

  3. carycomic Says:

    Yet, the chips could expand your skin enough to get more tattoos! ;-D

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