— The Megamouth Shark looks worse than it is.  An extremely large type of shark characterized by his big head and lips, the Megamouth grows to about 18 feet and was first discovered only in 1976.  Since that time, only 39 have been sighted or taken as of 2007.

The Megamouth is, fortunately, a filter feeder who exists mostly on plankton, jellyfish, and small fish. No Great White, he…

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One Comment on “Megamouth”

  1. Carycomic Says:

    This just goes to prove that not _all_ the remaining undiscovered organisms of this world are going to be invertebrates. Crypto-philes of the world unite!

    Hey! That’s not a bad slogan. Now, if we could just get a decent flag to go with it. Say, like a duplicate of the California state flag? But, with the grizzly bear replaced by a version of Patterson’s Bigfoot as J.J. Audbon, himself, might have painted it.


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