Giant Purple Blobs Invading SF Bay!

Vintage science fiction movies cautioned us to “Watch the skies!,” but perhaps they better could have advised us to watch the seas, because you never know what’s gonna wash up.  Submitted for your approval is one such example, a large purple blob of the type that has washed ashore along California, even in San Francisco Bay.  

Sadly it’s not alien, but is only a harmless sea slug, measuring up to 30 inches long and weighing up to fifteen pounds, although most are about the size of a fist. Still living stranded specimens can even pulsate a bit, which led one observer to call 911, thinking that they had found a human heart.  They do have an internal organ-like quality to them.  Normally found off the Mexican coast and the Baja California coast, the large purple slugs are also called sea hares, because their extended antennae are thought to resemble rabbit ears.  They’re just not as cuddly and pet-worthy, but I’m showing a mammalian bias here…

…and isn’t Invasion of the Giant Purple Sea Hares a SyFy Channel movie that begs to be made?!

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2 Comments on “Giant Purple Blobs Invading SF Bay!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    With built-in “rabbit ears,” you think they’d be able to radio-navigate better.


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    • carycomic Says:

      Or, at the very least, tune in Weird Al Yankovic imitating Elmer Fudd in a slightly paraphrased rendition of 1958’s “Theme From THE BLOB.”

      “Bewawe of De Sea Hawe!
      It weaps and cweeps and swides and gwides
      Acwoss de fwoow. Wight twue de doow!
      And aw awound de haw; a spwotch!
      A bwotch! Be cawefuw of De Sea Hawe!”

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