“The Crossing;” Quirky But Compelling Television!

Immigrants are washing up on our beaches again!  They’re not “boat people,” because they have no boat.  They’re not Cubans or Mexicans, and are not here to steal your jobs, bring crime, or drain the safety net in some Trumpian nightmare. These people are as American as most readers of this blog. They just happen to be from the future, and are seeking sanctuary…

The Crossing is a new, 11-episode series whose debut episode has recently run on the ABC network.  Only the pilot episode was made available to reviewers, and not all reviews were favorable.  Accordingly, I initially approached this series skeptically and with low expectations.  I was really won over by what I saw, however, and think that I could become a fan of the series, which blends elements of dystopian science fiction, the paranormal, and even current-day, real-life social issues.  At times, it’s almost reminiscent of X-Files material while promising more episode continuity.

If you find some aspects of the current American and world state disquieting (and I do), you can console yourself with the thought that about 180 years in the future, things are gonna be much worse!  At that time, a genetically-enhanced group called APEX with heightened senses and abilities has taken things over, and essentially waged a genocidal war against the rest of us.  The details of this conflict are only available to viewers in dribs and drabs, but suffice it to say that things became bad enough in the future that a group of several hundred people took a risky time travel venture back to our present reality.  All of the bugs were not worked out, however, with the time travelers not knowing exactly when or where they’d wind up, and in kind of a bad Star Trek transporter incident most of them wind up drowning in the ocean outside of the small Oregon fishing town of Port Canaan.  A small group of about 47 souls survived, however, to wash up on the beaches, presenting first local authorities and soon thereafter the Department of Homeland Security with some interesting questions and problems…and we all know that local and federal operatives tend to get into turf wars and clash.

Sheriff Jude Ellis (Steve Zahn) is a central character, as are Reece (Natalie Martinez) and her eight-year-old daughter, Leah (Bailey Skodje).  Mother and daughter are separated upon arrival by some distance, and Reece in seeking her daughter demonstrates freaky powers, including abilities reminiscent of The Bionic Woman. – – Is Reece of the APEX group, or otherwise some kind of genetic mutation?  Does her daughter Leah likewise have freaky powers, and if so, what are they?

We’ll just have to wait and see, but it’s revealed that an earlier group of time travelers have previously arrived, and some are of the APEX group with desires to change the present in order to shape the future.  Resettled into a kind of internment camp, the time travelers also pose an interesting reflection upon current immigration policies and social attitudes.

This quirky show with legs in several genres has promise, and may appeal well to a niche audience or at least generate a cult following.  It’s worth a look, and in my area airs Monday night at ten on the ABC network…

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5 Comments on ““The Crossing;” Quirky But Compelling Television!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Truth to tell, I didn’t even know episode 1 of this series had aired! It’s getting to the point where I dead seriously think that any show one of the Big 3 has zero faith in…is going to get under-publicized right off the bat. As an example of what I mean?

    I didn’t even know the Sochi Winter Olympiad had come and gone! I dead seriously thought that that Russian town was where they were holding the _2018_ Games.

    As to the show’s premise? Already tried by USA Network with THE 4400. It only ran four seasons…with none of the major subplots ever resolved. Don’t even get me started on the ill-advised attempt by NBC to revive the all-too similar (and equally dismal) HEROES!


    • vulpesffb Says:

      A number of the reviews I read felt that “The Crossing” wouldn’t last, and publicity for it was less than overwhelming. I’m accustomed to a number of my fave shows being struck down, while wondering why others continue beyond reasoning.


      • carycomic Says:

        You’re not alone in that bafflement. To this day, I still think SURFACE, THRESHOLD, and INVASION were far superior to LOST. Both individually and collectively! But, though they all aired in 2005, only the latter got renewed for 2006.


        • carycomic Says:

          On the other hand, MANIFEST had a promising opener, tonight! Although, I hope the writers don’t go overboard with the numerology the way their counterparts did with LOST..


          • vulpesffb Says:

            Ooh, I missed that, and will have to catch it through “On Demand!” The ads made it sound almost like a Twilight Zone episode, or perhaps a Stephen King novelette…”must see” viewing!


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