“X-Files” Season 11 Finale…

After leaving explicit instructions that I was not to be interrupted, I sat down to watch the Season 11 finale of the X-Files.  I seldom exclaim “Wow!” at anything that I see on television, but this episode was truly cathartic.  It was one wild ride that took me in unexpected directions, leaving me feeling dazzled, wrung-out, and yes, satisfied if saddened. — Thank you, series creator Chris Carter!

The episode had everything, from Fox Mulder in his Mustang to Mulder impossibly prevailing over three armed men to the freaky powers of Mulder’s “son” repeatedly deployed.  I haven’t seen this much blood on the screen since The Walking Dead, with Mulder himself dispatching several people and son William causing other despicable baddies to literally explode…unexpected gore (a “Wow!” moment), but I don’t begrudge them that, as long as I don’t have to clean it up. We got to see several deaths including those of several core characters, and one startling resurrection that testifies to the regenerative powers of alien DNA.  Death is not necessarily final in the X-Files world, where the impossible happens.  We also saw the deep love and bond between Mulder and Scully, all without a single kiss being exchanged.  More than kisses were exchanged, however, as Mulder is told he’ll really be a father by his partner…

Although Gillian Anderson has said she will not be returning to reprise her Dana Scully character, there are plenty of hooks here upon which a series reboot could be mounted. We true X-Philes will only accept a season finale, and never a series finale.  If Fox Television is sold to Disney as is apparently in the works, we might even learn of a connection between alien-infused William and Disney’s character Stitch…”The impossible is happening, Mulder…”

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10 Comments on ““X-Files” Season 11 Finale…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Three out of the roughly thirteen episodes shown for Season 11 were very lackluster (to put it charitably). I know they were meant to be comedy relief. But, they were so non-comedic, it was a relief when they finally aired the ending credits! The totally serious eps, however, were very riveting from beginning to end. And the Season 11 finale’ was no exception to that rule.*

    As for You-Know-Who’s regenerative ability? I can only hope that he makes a cameo appearance during Scully’s delivery in Season 12. I mean, surely Gillian Anderson will at least make special-guest appearances to show her character’s pregnancy at different stage!

    *I especially loved Mulder making like Quick-draw McGraw. That was SO bad-ass!


    • vulpesffb Says:

      And the Mustang! Mulder was in the Mustang again! I wouldn’t want to be on Mulder’s bad side, as he was almost a force of nature when in pursuit of his “son” or when going to rescue/protect Scully. He put the “special” in “special agent!”

      I was disappointed that Asst. Director Skinner wound up beneath a car, but apparent death being not final, perhaps we’ll see him again as well.


    • Isn’t she a bit old to have a baby ? Also I though William was a miracle first time around.


  2. What an earth happened to Monica Reyes in this season ? I think her whole story was based on that Robert Patrick would not play John again.


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