The Yeti-Bear?

Yeti– – I’m thankful for hairy hominids, without which this blog might soon expire from starvation.  And so, good readers, if you can suffer one more yeti theory, we offer yet another explanation being advanced:  the yeti is a type of previously-unknown, hybrid bear.

British researcher Bryan Sykes, a human geneticist at Oxford, has analyzed hairs from two alleged yetis, sequenced their DNA, and found a 100% match with a DNA sample from the jaw of an ancient polar bear.  Now Sykes is not saying that there are ancient polar bears wandering around in the Himalayas, but only that there could be a subspecies of brown bear in the High Himalayas descended from the bear that was the ancestor to the polar bear.  The Yeti accordingly may be a hybrid descended from two species of bear, an extinct polar bear and a closely related brown bear.

Such a species of bear might behave differently from other known bears, possibly being more dangerous, aggressive, or bipedal…and this Abominable Snowman apparently has a unique ability to cause any video recording device to go out of focus…

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2 Comments on “The Yeti-Bear?”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Well, there certainly is much more recent evidence to support that hypothesis. Namely; those “pizzly/grolar” bears that were gunned down by Alaskan hunters on–at least–two separate occasions. The latter hybridization supposedly the result of polar bears increasingly coming to the mainland due to the globally-warmed lack of pack ice.*

    *According to a now-classic episode of MONSTER QUEST, anyway.


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