Artificial Meat…

artificial meat– – Few things are cool but creepy at the same time; artificial meat is one of them!  We had earlier posted about the possibility of artificial meat, a prospect which has now become reality…

Mark Post, a Dutch scientist, led the team that grew the meat from shoulder cattle stem cells in the Netherlands.  The cells were put into a nutrient solution to help them develop into muscle tissue, and they grew into small strands of meat, nearly 20,000 of which were used to make a 5-ounce patty, which was cooked and eaten by two volunteer tasters in London on Monday.  The tasters gave the hamburger good marks for texture but faulted it for taste, most probably due to lack of sufficient fat and commonly used seasonings.

The animal rights group PETA has gone in favor of laboratory-produced meat as it does not involve the slaughter of a complete living animal for food but rather the cloning of cells.  Lab-grown meat may eventually help feed the world and fight climate change, but artificial meat remains highly experimental and cost-prohibitive at the present time, however, so don’t expect to see it in your “Happy Meal” anytime soon…

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4 Comments on “Artificial Meat…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    But, even if it weren’t so expensive, you’d most likely get a negative reaction from the other eco-activist camps. The ones opposed to all cloning, in general. And, the ones who I’m sure would be quick to point out; “…the living cells that act as templates _still come_ from living animals!” 😦


  2. carycomic Says:

    English translation: as with any other controversial issue, there would be no pleasing everyone.


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Sadly, there so seldom is. But as they say, you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs…an act which involves the destruction of chick embryos!


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