Mice for Airport Security?

– – We had earlier mentioned the possible use of genetically-modified plants to detect explosives in passenger screenings at airports.  Two Israeli scientists have advanced,  however, that mice may also suffice.

Specially-trained mice have been found capable of detecting faint traces of explosive residues.  When canisters of trained mice are placed in a device and exposed to such scents, they flee to a secondary compartment, setting off an alarm.  Mice actually have more scent-receptor genes than canines, and don’t require constant human interaction.   A rat-down is accordingly a viable alternative to a pat-down.

A mouse-employing scanner manufactured by BioExplorers is less invasive than full body scanners, but requires maintenance of the mice as well as cleaning of their cages…


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2 Comments on “Mice for Airport Security?”

  1. carycomic Says:

    “Oh, Mickey! You’re so fine.
    You’re so fine you blow my mind.
    But, not up airplanes.
    But, not up airplanes!”

    With deepest apologies to Ms. Toni Basil


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