The Kalanoro on “Destination Truth”

– – Madagascar is a kind of lost world that is home to a variety of unusual wildlife.  One primate-like cryptid reputed to live there is the Kalanoro, a small humanoid creature that is supposed to be yet strong enough to kill and maim;  it has been described as a “little man” less than a meter tall with hair all over its body and long potentially dangerous fingernails.   The subject of one investigation on a recent Destination Truth episode, Josh Gates and his team go into the dense jungle in Madagascar in search of the Kalanoro.   Seemingly credible witnesses there believe in the creature, including a park guide who says he was grabbed by one and Dr. Goodman of the Chicago Museum of Natural History.

They get a hit on a thermal imager and something on an IR camera, but are unable to track down the anomalies.  Footprints are also found in the soggy terrain that are too wet and deteriorated to allow for a casting to be made.   A hodgepodge of sounds are also heard from many of the animals that live in the area.

During later analysis, it was felt that the thermal hit and the IR image were the size and shape of a lemur, which a local zookeeper feels is one of the animals that the Kalanoro could easily be mistaken for.   The multiple animal noises prevalent in the area are felt to give rumors of the reported creature a larger than life reputation…

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2 Comments on “The Kalanoro on “Destination Truth””

  1. carycomic Says:

    I found the Kalanoro segment a little bit better than the Haunted Crater segment. Because, while I was just as freaked out, as Josh and the others (by the mysterious humming they recorded in that cave), it was cancelled out by his needless over-dramatizing of some hyena “laughter” (just like he did during that Mngwa investigation, two weeks earlier).

    “Guys? I just heard something that sounds half-cackle/half-moan.”

    Come on, Gates! Give your viewing audience’s collective intelligence SOME credit!!


    • vulpesffb Says:

      I agree…there’s a bit too much dramatizing of stuff on “Destination Truth!” It cheapens the overall credibility and integrity of the investigations.


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