– -Nessie’s Kin?

– – In Lake Windermere,  England’s largest natural lake, may reside an unidentified creature estimated at 20 to 50 feet in length described as perhaps a “distant relative” to the legendary Loch Ness monster!

Called Bownessie because of the bow wave of about twenty feet in length that it produces, the creature has been described as a giant eel or sturgeon, although others claim that they have seen a creature with humps; the cryptid has also been called Windie after the lake.  The first publicly reported sighting of Bownessie occurred in Lake Windermere in 2006 and the number of people who claim to have seen something continues to grow.  The most recent sighting of the creature was in July of this year, when a local hotelier was hit by a three foot wave while swimming.  Another witness who claimed that the creature passed beneath him said that the movement in the water was so powerful that he though it was a submarine!  A total of seven sightings have been recorded in the past four years.

A recent video seems to support the existence of some kind of creature in the lake, with an unexplained bow wave of around 20 meters in length recorded.  A new investigation on the lake involving state of the art equipment and a specially chartered yacht has been launched.   A dark smudge reported to be a photograph of the creature follows for your perusal, with the photographer grabbing a pair of binoculars and describing the creature as having a head like a labrador dog only “…much, much bigger…”

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2 Comments on “– -Nessie’s Kin?”

  1. carycomic Says:

    The photo’s a little too blurry to be conclusive. Hopefully, the one who snapped the picture won’t recant its authenticity, sixty years from now, when he/she is on their deathbed.*

    Btw: did you catch the DESTINATION TRUTH segment on Ogopogo? I thought it was pretty good. Especially, the chalkboard listing of its original Native Canadian name; Naitaka!

    *That is, of course, a sarcastic reference to the so-called “Surgeon’s Hoax.” In which some elderly person in England confessed, shortly before dying of old age, that one of the most famous photos of Nessie (taken by a vacationing Depression-era surgeon) had allegedly been faked! Personally, I feel–just like the script writer for WATER HORSE–that it was probably more of a re-enactment than a hoax.


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