The Spider Dies Hard

– – Most spiders are beneficial creatures, but so many try to kill them, at times to their regret.  So was the case for one guy in Essex, England when summoned by his wife to deal with a spider she had seen scuttling behind their toilet bowl.- – Well, unable to reach the spider, the man attempted to spray it with an aerosol can, after which point he struck up his cigarette lighter to determine if he had been successful as the bathroom light had blown out.  You probably can see where this is going by now…

Yuppers, the lighter ignited the fumes and caused an explosion so strong that it lifted the man off his feet, threw him into his hallway, and lifted the loft door off of its hinges!  The man suffered flash burns to his head, legs, and torso and was rushed to the hospital.

The spider?–Well, there was no sign of it at the scene afterwards, so it may well have gotten away, probably with a great story to tell to its innumerable offspring…

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2 Comments on “The Spider Dies Hard”

  1. carycomic Says:

    It’s my belief that fish under six inches long have more interesting stories to tell. I mean; think about it. For them, it’s like being abducted by aliens!

    “One moment, I’m biting into the most succulent-looking worm I’ve ever seen. The next moment; there’s a sharp pain in my mouth. Followed by this bright light! When my eyes adjust to it, I find myself looking at this strange giant…with two eyes IN FRONT of his head!!”

    “He takes one look at me. He frowns. And, then, he throws me back!”

    To which the other fish reply: “Yeah, right! How much fresh oxygen you been sniffing?”


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