Beware of Bug Thugs!

– – I, for one, am not really fond of gigantic insects, especially when they’re anthropomorphic, possessed of the power of speech, and even capable of driving cars.   These are so much more than the lumbering giant insects seen in such vintage B-flicks as the ant saga,  Themthe giant insectile creatures of Starship Troopers were a hoot, though!

…such are the awesome and disgusting ants and roaches of Orkin, appearing in televised ads right at your doorstep and even crashing your pool party!  These bugs are insidious and clever; they might be delivering a pizza that you didn’t order, or saying that they’re broken down, and need to use your telephone…in one of the latest ads, a giant cockroach shows up to leer at an amorous couple in a hot tub.  He (-it?) lets his towel drop to the floor, and asks in a wonderful voiceover if he can go “dipping skinny!”  When they are spurned and countered, the bugs peel out in a variety of cool and classic vehicles, including motorcycles!

At once both sinister and comical, these bugs are animatronic, and it reportedly takes seven guys to operate each one.  If they come to your house, don’t let ’em in…it would probably take more than a rolled-up newspaper to defeat them, and we value your readership!

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4 Comments on “Beware of Bug Thugs!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    It’s one of the Charon from Other Space! Quick! Call Luke Skywalker. Use the Force!!


  2. carycomic Says:

    Use the Force, Orkin Mon. Use the Force!


  3. carycomic Says:

    Maybe; provided Orkin Man was played by Henry Pym.



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