“Giant Killer Bees” on MonsterQuest…

– – Whenever I hear of killer bees, I think of that wonderful old Saturday Night Live sketch with the original cast and their tacky but hilarious get-ups…bobbing antennae and all!

I’m less fond of the more mundane MonsterQuest episodes featuring such things as feral dogs, underground rats, and yes, killer bees.  It strikes me that the series is stretching for material on such episodes, expanding and sensationalizing what they have.  Killer bees are a rather old saw at this point, and only the beekeeping forums were buzzing about this one.

Don’t get me wrong; bees are awesome insects, kinda nature’s Borg collective.  Like the pythons featured in the previous episode, they’re expanding their range, and can adapt to colder northern environments by doing things like “clustering,” grouping together in the central core of their hives to conserve and share heat.

The episode just lacked the shock and awe factor of the cryptid episodes, and is more like something I’d expect on National Geographic than The Quest

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3 Comments on ““Giant Killer Bees” on MonsterQuest…”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I prefer “Savage Bees,” the Alan Landsburg docu-drama that was done for NBC, back in the 1970’s. They used to re-run it every February, for Mardi Gras. And, I always got a kick out of that cheesecake shot where the camera briefly focuses on four high school majorettes are rehearsing a synchronized dance-spin (just after Ben Johnson and Michael Parks walk by)!


  2. carycomic Says:

    Never did black-and-white mini-skirts look so good in living color. 😉 😉


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