– -Stonehenge “Rocks!”

– – Stonehenge is freakin’ awesome!- -I’d like to be buried there…preferably after I’m dead, of course.   A recent MysteryQuest episode considered the purpose of Stonehenge, advancing a theory that sound reverberations inside the ancient English circle of stones induced a trance-like state among participants in rituals held there.  Other theories promoted in the past have considered Stonehenge as a shrine to a god, an ancient solar calendar, or even a sacrificial altar for an unknown pagan religion.

Now we all enjoy throbbing bass rhythms, and the dudes in England 4,000 years ago were no exception!  Wailing on drums around the perimeter of Stonehenge reverbs nicely against those ancient stone monoliths, and grooving on this boots up the old alpha rhythms in your brain, which has been shown neurologically to promote slipping into a trance-like state; think Woodstock 2000 B.C.!   Pretty soon you think you’re rapping with a deity, or at least some dead ancestors.–Far out!–Works for me!

The notion of human sacrifices was discounted by MysteryQuest as an infrequent occurrence, although remains of one poor devil on site called “the archer” revealed that he was used as a human pincushion and punctured with quite a few arrows; that could ruin your whole day!

The episode was in my opinion one of the better ones of this series so far, and I’m up to form a drum circle at Stonehenge if you are…have your people call mine…      😉

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4 Comments on “– -Stonehenge “Rocks!””

  1. carycomic Says:

    If true, it definitely gives new meaning to the term, “rock music.”



  2. carycomic Says:


    One-upped, again. 😦


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