Hold That Tiger!

Tiger— Tigers could become extinct in the wild in two decades unless conservation efforts are stepped up to halt the decline in their population, wildlife experts said on Wednesday…

…barely 3,500 tigers are estimated to be roaming in the wild in twelve Asian countries and Russia compared to about 100,000 a century ago, according to conservationists and other experts.

Tigers are being illegally killed for their body parts, with skins selling for up to $20,000 on the black market in countries like China.   The destruction of habitats and the depletion of their prey base also figures in the dwindling number of tigers.  Tiger habitat alone has declined by 40% in the past decade due to the destruction of forests…

…and by the way…Happy Halloween from Foxsylvania!

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4 Comments on “Hold That Tiger!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Here’s a post-Halloween riddle for you.

    Q: What’s the only canine a vampire hates more than a werewolf? A “cross” fox!


  2. carycomic Says:

    You see, the cross fox is a color mutation of the red fox…

    *Insert cricket chirps here.*


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Yuppers…it’s just a color phase that we go through, affecting about 30% of wild individuals. As for me, I’m just happy to be growing in my winter fur…


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