Nora the Cat!

NoraPianoCat— Jazz musicians have often been called cats, and Nora is literally that.  This gray tabby cat was adopted from a shelter in Cherry Hill, New Jersey and when a year old climbed up onto the bench in front of a Yamaha piano in the middle of the night and began to play!   She has continued to tickle the ivories on a daily basis, at times playing duets with her owner and her owner’s students; she also plays alone, gravitating towards the D-E-F range on the keyboard, and including the black keys in her playing.

Nora’s music has been characterized as being atonal, halfway between Philip Glass and free jazz; a YouTube video of Nora’s playing has received large numbers of views, and has been featured on The Today Show and CNN, among others.  A composition by Betsy Alexander has been released called Fur Release:  A Prelude for Paws and Hands which incorporates Nora’s music.

…now that’s one hep cat!

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2 Comments on “Nora the Cat!”

  1. carycomic Says:

    Maybe so. But, can she play a Viennese Waltz, by Strauss, in five easy lessons (like Tom und Jerry)?


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