“MysteryQuest’s” Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda Triangle– – The History Channel has mounted a triple threat, featuring episodes of MonsterQuest, Nostradamus Effect, and MysteryQuest run back-to-back.  The Bermuda Triangle offering on MysteryQuest was a first run episode, examining the legendary disappearances of boats, planes, and personnel in the 500,000 square mile area that extends between Miami, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda.

Now a number of things have been blamed for the disappearances, including (of course) UFO’s/USO’s, rogue waves in the case of boats, and perhaps most intriguingly, “electronic fog” attaching itself to planes.  Electronic fog is supposedly created when solar energy combines with thunderstorm activity; the fog generated is said to travel with the aircraft as it moves, effectively blinding it and making it difficult to fly out of the disturbance.

The case of Bruce Gernon was examined, a survivor of a Bermuda Triangle encounter on December 4th, 1970 when he felt that a cut developed in the fabric of time, causing him to time travel…

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3 Comments on ““MysteryQuest’s” Bermuda Triangle”

  1. carycomic Says:

    I remember that anecdote. He arrived at his (terrestrial) destination considerably ahead of schedule!

    I have to wonder, though, if some of the ship disappearances might not be the work of the Bahamian lusca (alias giant octopus)?


    • vulpesffb Says:

      Time travel; kinda like a wormhole in this case!–I could use some of that!

      From what I’ve read, the giant octopus could be rather intelligent, perhaps to the point of modifying attack strategies to the situation!


  2. carycomic Says:

    I know what you mean. It still freaked me out, when I first saw their improvisational abilities demonstrated on a Jacques Cousteau special!*

    * “MMMMMMMM! Crab under glass; my favorite. But, how to remove this weird-looking brown thingie Alexander Scourby called a ‘cork?’ “


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