–Hitler’s Escape?

Cat Hitler– -Did Adolf Hitler escape the closing grip of Allied troops on Berlin during the final days of Nazi Germany in World War II, and somehow get spirited to Argentina or elsewhere?–Yes he did, ultimately to be reincarnated as a cat…

Seriously, though, the opening episode of MysteryQuest considered the question of whether Hitler had indeed escaped his bunker, with a body double in some accounts having been used in the dictator’s supposed suicide.  The Soviets did retain some fragmentary and minimal remains said to be those of Hitler, including a bloody couch and a skull fragment complete with a bullet hole.  MysteryQuest was permitted a very brief examination of the remains, bringing back photos and even small samples.  Some interesting conclusions were reached…

…photos and examination suggested that the sutures joining the skull plates were relatively open, as would be characteristic of a younger person in the age range of 20 to 40 years, rather than a man of Hitler’s age.  Furthermore, the bone itself was not as thick or robust as is usually seen in males, and is more characteristic of a female! DNA was successfully extracted from the samples, and was conclusively found to be female as well.

While these findings do not prove that Hitler escaped his bunker, they do suggest that the remains housed by the Soviets could not be those of Hitler…Do I think that Hitler escaped Berlin and survived?–Not bloody well likely…but for a really cool story about Hitler cloning, check out The Boys from Brazil, novel by Ira Levin or movie featuring Gregory Peck…

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One Comment on “–Hitler’s Escape?”

  1. carycomic Says:

    The mystery I’d like to see solved is where that Panamanian “fetus” came from. That certainly couldn’t be a skinned boxer dog!


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